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Delivery Status Codes

Mobile carriers provide a set of reason codes describing message delivery failures and as a result, SMS Lead Blaster has developed Premium Transaction Tracking (PTT) to simplify the interpretation of these diverse and constantly changing carrier error codes.

With this comes real-time reporting, which allows you to implement effective business logic based on the responses you receive.


  • Retry strategies for failed messages, ranging from “do not retry” to retry mechanisms with applicable schedules, based on the failure reason
  • Sending of non-premium MT responses to subscribers who request services and cannot be billed for or provided such services
  • Clean-up of your subscriber phone number databases, where message failure is due to a permanently invalid destination number

Intermediate: Indicates the message is in storage within the operator & delivery is being attempted.

Permanent: Indicates the final status of the message. No further status will be provided.

Delivery Status Codes
Reason code Status value Message type Description
1 Buffered Intermediate

Phone related Intermediate state notification that the message has not yet been delivered due to a phone related problem but is being retried.

2 Buffered Intermediate
Deliverer related
 Message within carrier Used to indicate that the message has not yet been delivered due to some carrier related problem but is being retried within the network.
3 Acked Intermediate
Accepted by carrier
Used to indicate that the message has been accepted by the operator.
4 Delivered Permanent Delivered to mobile device The message was delivered. 
5 Failed Unknown
Message failed – detailed reason unknown
The message has been confirmed as undelivered but no detailed information related to the failure is known.This is due to many operators supporting limited error codes and can be due to routing issues internally within the operator. If an operator were to block specific content it would likely be mapped to this error code and returned to you.
23 Failed Permanent
Absent subscriber permanent
Used when the message is undeliverable due to an incorrect / invalid / blacklisted / or permanently barred MSISDN for this carrier (Blocked). This MSISDN should be removed from the client’s database and not be used again for message submissions to this carrier.This error code is exclusively used for incorrect/invalid/blacklisted/permanently barred MDNs including MDNs where A2P messaging is not supported.

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